Marc Kharrat

Hailing from Beirut, Lebanon, Marc came to Southern California at the tender age of seven and since has immersed himself in all aspects of the creative industry. In his early college years, Marc co-created Foodbeast.TV with Elie Ayrouth, publisher of Foodbeast. Acting as creative director and producer, Marc has also held down a force to be reckoned with power-house of creative productions since his transplant. He is an editor for film and television and a creative director for web, commercial and marketing campaigns. With a thirst for capturing candid moments, his work transcends at showcasing the elegance of the ordinary.  More than anything, however, Marc is a student of culture. Whether it be photography, food, or film; the pursuit of the unknown is what drives him. 

Marc is currently part of an artist collective at Fort Sunday and freelancing as a director & editor while continuing the growth of Foodbeast.TV.

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