personal projects

Inside My Head

a short moment of an emotional cleansing when dealing with the consequences of a lost lingering love. Shot in Laguna Beach, CA


MODEL:  Braelyn Cates

MUSIC: Riton feat. Meleka "Inside My Head" (Bag Raiders Remix)

Credit: director, editor, and cinematographer


Paddle Out

a weathered man walks down a path of uncertainty, until he is reminded to never give up.


STARRING: Michael Atallah

SOUND DESIGN: Shawn Lindell

COMPOSER: Erik Satie

MUSIC: Kevin MacLeod "Gymnopedie No. 3"

Credit: director, editor, director of photography


Art of Couture

behind the scenes of fashion designer, Trista Pisani's Art of Couture. A clothing line of individually hand-crafted swimwear and cover-ups for the modern yet glamorous woman.


MODELS: Nicole Kristin & Anna Emilia Morris


MAKE UP: Gregory Baylock

HAIR: Princess McKinney

MUSIC: Brigitte Bardot "Moi, Je Joue" |

Credit:  director of photography, editor


Fade In

behind the scenes with Annelise Marie.


MODEL: Annelise Marie


MUSIC: Jeremy Glen "New Life"

@annelisejr |

Credit:  director of photography, editor


The Wedge

the Wedge is a famous surf spot with large surf breaks close to shore. As the waves approach shore, they bounce off the jetty's boulders and, in the final seconds before landfall, merge and morph into a backbreaking and monstrous wave known as the Wedge. An elusive wave that breaks only a few times a year, the Wedge is unpredictable, therefore, it's no place for a board. Because of this, it remains a site for wave riding in its purest form: bodysurfing.

MUSIC: Wax Tailor "How I Feel"

Credit:  director of photography, editor


that love you give

a fun and seductive afternoon at Portola Coffee Lab with the exotic Braelyn Cates.


MODEL: Braelyn Cates

MUSIC: Fitz and The Tantrums "Don't Gotta Work It Out" 

Credit:  director, camera, editor



a sunny day enjoying the culture and atmosphere of Santee Alley in Downtown Los Angeles with Mona Noroozi.


MODEL: Mona Noroozi

MUSIC: Air (with Gordon Tracks) "Playground Love"

Credit:  director, camera, editor